The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun Riff (Tab)

Here Comes the Sun (Harp Ukulele Version)

Since I put up two videos played on my aNueNue harp ukulele I’ve had a steady stream of tab requests. Strange since most people requesting them don’t even own one. My arrangement of Albatross wouldn’t work on a standard ukulele. But my version of Here Comes the Sun certainly could.

It works so well on ukulele I was convinced it was written on one. It uses a capo on the 7th fret of the guitar which makes it the same tuning as a D-tuned ukulele (George’s favourite) and fits just fine on four strings. But according to Eric Clapton in the George Harrison documentary it was written on guitar.

For the harp version I’m tuned as aNueNue suggest with the bass strings as C, D, E, F and the uke strings in low-G tuning.

Standard Tuning Version

Here Comes the Sun Riff (Standard Tuning)

Here’s a slightly adapted version for a standard tuned ukulele. Use D-tuning or slap on a capo at the second fret if you want to be in the same key as the original.

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