Left Handed Chord Charts: Friday Links

Left-handed ukulele chord chart for beginners.

Kate Micucci romances Conan O’Brien ( alt. link thanks to @ukegnome).

I celebrated my 100th video with a cover of Napalm Death.

Google’s Project Glasses clearly has a glitch. It doesn’t set off a giant alarm when the wearer buys a ukulele book other than Ukulele for Dummies (thanks to Zym). (I covered that tune too).

Most popular ukulele videos in March.

Play Ukulele By Ear has three questions for Bob Brozman.

Pictures: Mr. Burns is a Ukulele Hero, Sad puppy, Ukulele rockstar trio, Pat Boone plays Superman a song (Thanks to PaulC), The Id and the Ukulele.

On Uker Tabs: Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl and Mumford & Sons’ The Cave.

Videos: Ukulele robot, ukulele/hurdy gurdy.

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