Which Songs is it Legal to Cover on YouTube?: Friday Links

It used to be that you could only legally post covers of public domain songs to YouTube. But last year YouTube struck up a deal with music publisher. That meant publishers who opted would get money from cover versions and nobody would get in trouble. Which would be great except when Andy Baio at Wired tried to find out what was on the list no one could tell him. Which leaves us back in the situation of uploading stuff and hoping for the best. Ho hum.

I got frustrated with reading books and immediately forgetting everything about them. So I’ve taken to writing up a self inflicted book report when I finish one. Sometimes they’re ukulele related (Ralph Shaw’s The Ukulele Entertainer), sometimes music related Cultural Appropriation and the Arts and sometimes neither (Zimbabwe: Years of Hope and Disapir).

The Slack Key Show always has great performances – and I’ve featured quite a few here. Now you can buy a ‘Best of…’ DVD.

PBS documentary on Kamaka.

Pictures: Scenes from my living room, No job, Mr Jack, I disagree with this t-shirt.

New release: The Future Laureates’ Fortress Sessions.

Giving a ukulele a swirly paintjob.

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