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One of my favourite ukulele tunesters, Nicholas Abersold has released his album Porridge free on Bandcamp. It’s packed with top songs so grab it while there are still free downloads available.

Matt Kresling has made a travelogue about his trip to Madagascar with his ukulele and you can watch part one of The Madagascar Journals on YouTube. You may remember Matt from ukulele hits like The Beast That Swallows Its Young and Seventeen. And he makes excellent documentaries too. I loved this first part which includes him trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho.

Lorraine Bow – off of the Ukulele for Dummies videos and LearnToUke – has released a book Ukulele Basics aimed at young folks.

Garfunkel and Oates have their own show on Comedy Central tonight (Friday).

Schoenhut used to make ukuleles in the 20s. And now they’re back in the game with a suspiciously familiar looking ukulele. UKISOCIETY has done a comparison of the fake Flea and the real thing.

On the subject of inferior knock-offs, UOGB rip-offs The UK Ukulele Orchestra are making their UK debut at the Edinburgh Fringe.

If you’re a fan of the real thing, there’s only a week left to fund the The Ukes Down Under documentary.

Also kickstarting is Joy Ike.

Tricity Vogue writes about ukuleles and women for The F Word.

Someone on Tumblr asked my advice on singing with a ukulele. I have enough trouble talking but my followers kicked in with some sage singing advice.

Most popular ukulele videos May 2012 – I switched this up so it’s the highest rated rather than the most watched. To take out the trolls.

Pictures: Creatures, I don’t know what this says but I get the message.

Jeff Lynne & George Harrison play ukuleles (via Ukulele Brasil).

UPDATE: Thanks to Peter Bulls for this translation of the comic:

“Here it is, I finally got what I lacked to be a true comic artist like Sfar, Boulet and the others… The unavoidable, indispensable ukulele!

At the start, you get the impression that your fingers are enormous, the frets are that small.

In fact, it’s a bit like playing guitar with boxing gloves.

(and after a while, it kills the fingers)

But what’s amazing is that, from the very first chord, you’re teleported to Hawaii. First class.

Then, you’re inclined to push on to Nirvana’s repertoire, like a teen that sits down with his first guitar… Hawaii can’t touch that.


(anyway, for The Mamas & The Papas, ukulele is fine as well)”

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