Ukulele Ike – I’m a Bear in a Lady’s Boudoir (Chords)

Pops Bayless and Mysterious John – I’m A Bear In a Lady’s Boudoir (Chords)

I finally recovered enough from the Asylum Street Spankers split to post this. It was made famous by Ukulele Ike and covered by the Spankers on their Dirty Ditties EP. But the version I’ve written up is the uke-only performance by former Spankers Pops Bayless and Mysterious John.

The other two versions are broadly similar but the Ukulele Ike version is one fret higher and the Spankers’ version is two frets higher.

Suggested Strumming

This one is a bit too complicated to go in depth but you can use this as the main pattern:

d – d u d u d –

Twiddly Bits

The intro and the move from the C to the A7 use this little run:

There’s an ascending bit on the G7 in the ‘thick of the fight’ bits:

And on the G7 after that (“mostly at night”) he cycles through some G7 inversions:

Buy the Asylum Street Spankers version

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