Ukulollo, Origamibiro: UkeTube

Lots of good stuff to choose from for this one. I had to be quite ruthless with my choices to keep the list to a reasonable length. If you want to influence what gets included on here do rate the videos I post on UkeToob. I always check the ratings before I put together the list.

Finding particular favour this week are Ukulollo and his vertical pool, Sophie Madeleine and her Pearl and the Beard buddies and Origamibiro and their office equipment.

Full Playlist

Ukulollo – The Earth Under My Feet

Sophie Madeleine, Jocelyn Mackenzie & Emily Hope Price – Bei Mir Bist Du Schön

Rhonda Roberts – Nickelodeon

Ryo Natoyama – Stranger

War Jacket – Time

Roland Völker & Dennis Schütze – J.S. Bach: Invention 13

Workshop All Stars – G Minor Fleas

Benny Chong – My Romance

Origamibiro – Quad Time

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