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Mark Kailana Nelson – Juke’n the Uke Tab Book Review

You might, and should, know Mark Kailana Nelson from his essential book Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele. His latest book is a collection of blues, rag and hokum tunes from Mark’s album of the same name. He was kind enough to send me a copy and here’s what I thought of it. What You Get Tab […]

Andrews Sisters/Sophie Madeleine – Bei Mir Bist du Schon (Chords)

Sophie Madeleine – Bei Mir Bist du Schon (Chords) I have a bone to pick with the end of this song: it really annoys me when a song that’s been in a minor key switches to major right at the end. You never hear a major song turning minor right at the end (watch the […]

Walk off the Earth, Scott Avett: UkeTube

It’s not often I repost the same song from the same band. But it’s happened twice this week with Shiny and the Spoon reprising their cover of A-ha and Keston Cobblers’ Club. Also on the list is Scott Avett with a horrible ukulele, Walk off the Earth tossing around a Flea banjolele (head to 2:54 […]

Ukulele Dav & Arnaud D: Friday Links

I’ve had a lot of despondent messages since Ukulele Dav and Arnaud D’s site disappeared. But now their tabs are back. If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s well worth a visit for tabs of classic ukulele tunes. There’s a new most ukers world record for Japan with a total of 2,134. John Flansburgh […]

Ukulele Bell Ringing (Tab)

One of my favourite techniques for rut-busting and expanding my playing is to listen to other instruments and brazenly steal everything. It’s instructive to learn from other weirdly-tuned, four-stringed instruments like the cuatro. But there’s also plenty to be learned from instruments that are completely different. And it doesn’t get much more different than church […]

TV Themes Quiz

The movie theme tune quiz was popular so here’s a TV theme tune version. One problem: TV shows aren’t quite as international as films. So I’ve split them up into UK and US TV shows (sorry other 95% of the earth’s population). Tackle one, the other or both. If you’re reading via email or RSS […]

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