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Pete Howlett Firefly: Ukulele Window Shopping

I’ve been underwhelmed by the electric ukes I’ve tried but I’d certainly be willing to give this Pete Howlett Firefly Ukelectic a go. String Tinkers cigarbox ukes (and other instruments). Kickstarter for a plastic ukulele. Looks interesting but the minimum is more than I’d lay down on a Kickstarter. Plus it’s got a huge goal […]

Neil Armstrong: Friday Links

Neil Armstrong: first ukulelist on the moon. You can celebrate the great man with the chords to Allo Darlin’s Neil Armstrong (thanks to Konrad). New Music: Two solo ventures from band members. Small Fry by Will Grove-White (of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) and Nocturnal Emissions by Ian Emmerson (of The Re-entrants). Also out […]

Ryan Gosling – Smoking Gun Bleeding Knives (Tab)

Ryan Gosling – Smoking Gun Bleeding Knives (Tab) Hey girl, the Breaking Bad tab I put up earlier was really short so I made you another one. This is the ukulele bit in Blue Valentine (and on the DVD menu) that isn’t You Always Hurt the One You Love. Buy the Blue Valentine Soundtrack

Breaking Bad Theme (Slide Tab)

Dave Porter – Breaking Bad Theme (Slide Tab) I’ve been bitching about modern theme tunes for a long time. They all have atmospheric, doom-laden theme tunes you can’t even remember let alone hum in the shower. And the Breaking Bad theme is no exception. But the series is great so I wanted to do a […]

Wilfried Welti: Classical and Folk Tabs

If you’ve been following the blog closely you’ll certainly know Wilfried Welti. I’ve been posting his videos since 2007 and put up his two free tab books: Solo Ukulele für Einsteiger and Weihnachten mit der Ukulele. If you were impressed by his arrangements you’ll want to get hold of the three ebooks he’s just released. […]

Pussy Riot – Putin Lights Up the Fires (Chords)

Pussy Riot – Putin Lights Up the Fires (Chords) I always think the best protest songs are the ones by the people directly affected by the issue. And Pussy Riot’s latest adds weight to that by being the best song by political prisoners since Mzwakhe Mbuli’s Triple B. I’ve included phonetic lyrics cribbed from this […]

David’s Lyre – Heartbeat (Chords)

David’s Lyre – Heartbeat (Chords) Love this tune. The whole album is great. You can get it on Bandcamp on a ‘pay what you like’ basis. First order of business: tune down a whole step to F Bb D G. Here are the tuning notes: Tuning Notes The strumming starts off dead easy. It’s just […]

Wilfried Welti, Where Are All The Buffalo?: UkeTube

I haven’t been paying as much attention as usual so this week’s video roundup is a bit shorter than usual. If you’ve seen any videos I should know about leave them in the comments. But among the videos I did find is one by the ever excellent Wilfried Welti. He’s just released three new e-books […]

Beck Ukulele Notation Album: Friday Links

Beck is releasing his next album Song Reader only as sheet music, “and, when necessary, ukelele notation.” Other books: The Bad Girls & Mean Women Songbook. Ode to uke – a ukulele novelty book (from the guy behind Ukulele Porn). The first book I’ve seen specifically for 6-string ukulele. Release: The Love Leighs’ All Your […]

Hip Hop Riffs Part 2

After the last hip hop riffs post people seemed keen for a follow up. And I’m more than happy to oblige with five six more. Same riffs rules as always: it’s not the whole song and not necessarily in the original key. Kanye West – Touch the Sky Riff A significantly slowed down sample of […]

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