David’s Lyre – Heartbeat (Chords)

David’s Lyre – Heartbeat (Chords)

Love this tune. The whole album is great. You can get it on Bandcamp on a ‘pay what you like’ basis.

First order of business: tune down a whole step to F Bb D G. Here are the tuning notes:

Tuning Notes

The strumming starts off dead easy. It’s just down strums. I like to play it with my thumb just to give you a bigger contrast with the loud bits. After that it gets a lot more complicated. My best advice is to go with the flow. Otherwise you can watch his pared down performance and follow that.

Twiddly Bits

On the second pair of Fmaj7-F6 in each line he does this little twiddle:

Get the album on his Bandcamp.

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