Allo Darlin’ – Space Christmas (Chords)

Allo Darlin’ – Space Christmas (Chords)

There’s an awful lot to recommend this song. It’s a very sweet Christmas song. It references Stephin Merritt (I think). It was on the same Cherryade Christmas album as that Christmas song I sort of wrote the music for that one time. And it’s also only got three chords in.

The down side is that you need a capo on the second fret (or use D-tuning). But you can even skip that if you don’t mind singing it a tone lower.

Suggested Strumming

You can use this as the main strumming pattern:

d – d – – u d u

Which sounds like this:

Strum MP3

In the verse: do that once for every chord except the G at the end of the third line of each verse (where you do it twice).

In the middle: do eight down strums for the Cs and the main strum on the others.

Twiddly Bits

The little xylophone bit transfers to uke well. Here it is assuming you’re capoed:

Solo MP3

Without the capo, you can play it like this.

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