Oona Libens Trio, Catey Shaw: UkeTube

A whole shed-ton of great ukulele videos since the last UkeTube. So many I’ve had to divide them up between this week and next.

The first instalment includes Ukulelezaza’s band the Oona Libens Trio, a track from Jake Wildwood’s new album (his best yet – download it), a track from Celisse Henderson’s live EP, apartment-hopper Matt Kresling and plenty more.

Full Playlist

Catey Shaw – Family

Celisse Henderson – Me and You

Oona Libens Trio – New Orleans

Matt Kresling – My Apartments In Order

Jake Wildwood – Been Framed

Paul Hemmings – Waltz For Debby

Kittenmildew – Little Punk

Ukulelemily – Complainte De La Butte

eugeneukulele – Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

Todd Pickett – Bluebird

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  1. Nicholas Abersold January 26th, 2013 5:08 pm

    Great selection this week, Al! Kresling amazes me every time. Catey Shaw’s video was great too. And I really, really enjoyed Celisse Henderson.

  2. The Captain January 27th, 2013 10:37 am

    Matt Kresling’s song is amazing. A simple idea turns into a brillant song with a nice video. I also like Jake Willwood. Glad you’re back!

  3. Woodshed January 27th, 2013 2:52 pm

    Nicholas: Matt Kresling is great! And I’m really looking forward to Catey Shaw’s next video.

    Captain: Glad you enjoyed it. It’s good to be back!

  4. sanford(andsong) January 30th, 2013 5:21 am

    I think i’ll have to pick up a low G tenor just in order to play that Bill Evans arrangement some day.

  5. Woodshed January 30th, 2013 6:15 am

    sandford: I am looking forward to hearing that.

  6. Summer Sevilla February 1st, 2013 9:56 pm

    i hope you get the chance to watch my first cover http://youtu.be/z-_VmJff38U

  7. Woodshed February 2nd, 2013 10:43 am

    Summer: Nice work!

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