Patsy Monteleone: Friday Links

A couple of years ago Patsy Monteleone set himself the task of covering 100 songs from the Great American Song book on ukulele. He’s been recording consistently great stuff and he’s final reached 100 (and done a bonus). You can listen and download them on his website (in the Box on the sidebar) for free. I highly recommend grabbing some.

If you’ve watched TV at all in the last two years, you’ll have noticed that ukuleles are used in 73% of ads. So no surprise that the 2013 award for Music in Advertising went to a uke-featuring ad: OK Go’s bit for Chevy. Their prize? A bunch of ukuleles.

Pictures: Ukulele Photoshop Contest, Formby doodles, Bruno Mars custom KoAloha.

Ukulele dominoes. If dominoes isn’t challenge enough for you try the board game for virtuosos.

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