Ukulele Window Shopping

Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? The only way to make it up is with a Kanilea Ku’Uipo with a heart shaped soundhole.

Jack Johnson and Pepe Romero signed cigarbox ukulele in aid of the Kokua Hawaii Foundation.

The Todd Rose ukulele both looks and sounds very interesting (via Phredd).

Gretsch guitarlele.

Pictures: 1960s girl group (if anyone recognises them please leave a comment), Henry James Soulen’s The Ukulele Player

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  1. Ron Hale February 15th, 2013 9:42 pm

    Kanile’a is how the 1% say “I Love You'” Al.
    Gatsby gave Daisy one. Tooled around town in the Stutz while she serenaded the peasants. “We’re In the Money” went over especially well.

    Jack Johnson talks about and plays the uke in a
    week-old video from the HawaiiMusicSupply YT channel. Very nice.

    Absolutely stunnered by Todd’s uke. Not quite up there with a pink V but damn close.

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