John Bianchi/Eddie Cantor – The Dumber They Come (Chords)

John Bianchi – The Dumber They Come (Chords)

The sentiments expressed in this song are those of the songwriters and do not necessarily reflect those of Uke Hunt. Necessarily.

But the Ukulele Video of the Year voters certainly do reflect my opinion that this was one of the best ukulele videos of last year. It’s a tour de force of banjolele playing. Even if Steve Buscemi seems underwhelmed by the song. (watch the non-fictional Eddie Cantor singing it here).

John plays it in D-tuning. You can find the chords for that tuning on his blog (in the comments). So I’ve written them up for us C-tuners. To play it in the same key use a capo on the second fret.


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