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James Clem, Trace Bundy: UkeTube

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John Paul Jones's lap steel Mya-Moe. Listen to it here New Releases – Manitoba Hal’s Devil On The Wall – Debut release from the former Reentrants Phil Doleman and Ian Emmerson. Videos: – Sesame Street thinks of some words beginning with U. – Very ridiculous – and unofficial ukulele records (that hoop one definitely isn’t […]

Hip Hop Riffs Part 3

These hip hop riff posts fast becoming my favourite posts to do. With this one I’ve gone way down hill from the first two posts in terms of credibility. But at least there’s a long-overdue Nas riff in there. Macklemore and Lewis – Thrift Shop Riff This one requires a bit of jiggering for the […]

Three Weird-Ass Scales

I’m going to backtrack from the title right away. Whether these scales sound weird to you depends entirely on your cultural perspective. But they are rarely heard on the ukulele. There are plenty of good reasons to learn unfamiliar sounding scales: – Rut busting: Ever find yourself playing the same set of notes over and […]

Brendan Maclean – Stupid (Chords)

Brendan Maclean – Stupid (Chords) Brendan Maclean is going zeitgeist with this one combining ukulele with the vogue for dancing like nobody’s watching whilst hoping that everyone is watching. And it seems to have work because I’ve had a few requests for this one. It’s a lot of fun to play and very beginner friendly. […]

The Staves, Bobby McGees: UkeTube

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The Institute of Hawaiian Music is looking for aspiring musicians to take part in its mentorship programme with some of the top Hawaiian players. The original ukulele-sized bass, the Ashbory Bass disappeared for a while. But it’s now back in business and with a much-reduced price tag. The story of the women who made Gibson’s […]

Pi for Ukulele (Tab)

Pi for Ukulele (Tab) Happy Pi Day! The idea behind this tune is that you assign each number to a note in the C major scale (1=C, 2=D, 3=E etc.). Then convert the digits of pie into music. There was a legal bust up over the idea but I first heard it in this uke […]

Ukulele on your Mobile

A whole lot has changed since the last time I reviewed ukulele apps in 2009. For one thing, the first iPad hadn’t even been released. Since Uke Hunt has recently been given a mobile-friendly layout and it’s been I thought it was about time I did an update on how I use mobile devices in […]

Kelli Rae Powell – Some Bridges are Good to Burn (Chords)

Kelli Rae Powell – Some Bridges are Good to Burn (Chords) This is one of my all-time favourite ukulele songs (and something of a personal manifesto). And now there’s an officially released ukulele version on her new album Live at Jalopy. It’s dead simple too. Just four beginner-level chords all the way through. Suggested Strumming […]

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