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Friday Links

Friday Links

The Institute of Hawaiian Music is looking for aspiring musicians to take part in its mentorship programme with some of the top Hawaiian players.

The original ukulele-sized bass, the Ashbory Bass disappeared for a while. But it’s now back in business and with a much-reduced price tag.

The story of the women who made Gibson’s best guitars during WWII.

Latest attempt to solve the ukulele strap problem: the Mobius strap.

– The original cast of No, No, Nanette bust out the ukuleles (via @ShelleyRickey).
Cool hand uke.
Tall, Short, Uke, Bass.
Cthulu Ukulele Hero.

New Releases
– A bear-pun based album from Tyrone and Lesley.
– Buy Kyle Frazer’s debut album on his website or just the originals on CDBaby
Outside Myself by Maria Brosgol

Oh Little Town of Pokemon, they call the Rising Sun – lots of songs to the tune of lots of other songs.

Some hilarious trolling from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner: “No matter what twee folk musicians and advertisers of online greeting cards will tell you, it sounds like a child’s instrument. It has all the resonance of an asthmatic flea blowing into a pillow and the clarity of a secret service document with all the verbs redacted. The ukulele is very much the poor relation of the guitar, banjo and mandolin.”

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