Eddie Vedder – Tuolumne (Tab)

Eddie Vedder – Tuolumne (Tab)

Nype suggested I do a uke version of Eddie Vedder’s Tuolumne from the soundtrack of Into the Wild (and the precursor to Just Breathe). I was a bit trepedacious as a lot of guitar picking songs end up finger-crunchingly tricky on ukulele. But it actually works out very well. I didn’t even have to change the key.

Trickiest Bit

Moving down from the 10th fret at the end of bar 2 to the 3rd fret. If you have trouble with that you can take off that 10th fret and just play bar 2 like bar 3.

Picking Pattern

The right hand is doing a constant Travis-picking pattern. The thumb alternates between the g and C-strings, the index finger picks the E-string and the middle finger picks the A-string.

Here’s the pattern:


And here’s what it looks like slowed down:

The only variation is that I occasionally miss out the final i to buy some time for the chord change. And the slow-down bit at the end of bar 7.


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