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New Releases
the Spark & the Fire by Leftover Cuties.
Keston Cobblers’ Club hop on a bus with Bob Harris to launch their new EP: A Scene of Plenty.
Calamitous Liaisons by Tricity Vogue.
– R&B singer and jazz trumpeter has a new EP for free: Sam Trump Plays The Uke (download is at the bottom of the page).
Answer Sheet – Chapter I : Istas Promenade.

Uke Talk
Amanda Palmer talking a lot about ukuleles.
– In case you were wondering about the source The Independent‘s claim that, “a Frank Skinner-inspired ukulele craze has actually led to an unwanted surplus of the instruments being sold for as little £1.12 on eBay.” It’s the parody news site The Daily Mash.
Former teacher, 104, remembers Johnny Cash’s school days: “He had a sweet smile and he played the ukulele. He brought it to school.”

Now that’s commitment to making a ukulele video.
Glenn Haworth is going to attempt to play the ukulele for 24 hours.
Ian Whitcomb talks to Google about ukulele heroes.

Blood analysis of a UAS sufferer. Are we closer to a cure?

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