Acoustic Intros/Riffs (Tab)

This post started out as one of my Riffs for Ukulele posts but it ended up evolving into an intros post.

I did think that acoustic guitar would transfer better to the uke than the electric riffs. Nope! They tend to be much more complex. So I’ve taken a few liberties with these arrangements and some of them are still very tricky.

The same riff rules apply:

– These aren’t necessarily in the same key as the original.
– If you want the rest of the song you’re shit out of luck.

Mumford and Sons – Roll Away Your Stone



Nick Drake – Fly


This version is for smaller ukes. If your uke goes as high as the 13th fret you can play the descending notes all on the C-string. That does make it a bit easier and gives it a more consistent tone.

It’s played campanella style and picked with thumb and two fingers.


Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats



This is the one I had most trouble getting down and is the most changed from the original. Again it’s played thumb and two fingers picking style.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car



Finally, a straight forward one. Here I’m doing strumming and picking the g-string with my thumb. And picking the A-string with my index finger.

Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels



The picking for this one is all over the place. I just use whichever finger comes to hand at any point.


More Riffs for ukulele
Nick Drake – Cello Song (Intro Tab)

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