Thumb and Two Fingers Picking

The Thumb and Two Finger Method of fingerpicking differs from the One Finger Per String Method in two ways:

– You don’t use your ring finger. All the picking is done with thumb, index finger and middle finger.
– The thumb plays notes on both the g- and C-strings.

So the fingers cover these strings:

Thumb: g- and C-strings.
Index Finger: E-string.
Middle finger: A-string.

This method of picking has a few advantages over

The big disadvantage is that it makes it harder to play patterns where the g- and C-stings are played next to each other in a pattern. So if you’re playing a pattern that has that use the One Finger Per String Method.

An Example



Learn some fingerpicking patterns using this technique
Fingerpicking Notation

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  1. Eleanor Lebrecht January 25th, 2016 3:24 am

    It is done too fast for a beginner to follow and learn. I need slow slow so I can catch on to how you are picking. Thanks

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