Ninebarrow – Birdsong (Tab)

Ninebarrow – Birdsong (Tab)

If you’re a fan of folk music you absolutely have to follow the Songs from the Shed YouTube channel. They have a huge range of sessions from acts on the UK folk scene. The latest session to make me prick up my ears was Ninebarrow’s performance of Birdsong.

They’re a great uke and vocal duo and their Kingdom EP is one of my favourite ukulele records this year.

Plus their fingerpicking riffs make it perfect for this week’s theme.

Birdsong is played on a low-G ukulele. But it does still sound right on a high-g uke.

The picking is done with the thumb and two fingers method (with the thumb covering the G and C strings). But I prefer to use one finger per string on the Am7 in the intro/verse since the G and C strings are played in quick succession.


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Ninebarrow’s YouTube channel
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