Friday Links

New Projects
- New ukulele online magazine: Ukulele Rhythms Magazine with contributions from Uke Hunt favourites Sarah Maisel, Kimo Hussey and Jim Tranquada.
- Mr. Hewitt’s Middle School Ukulele Orchestra are Kickstarting their uke club (with the slightly unexpected support of Queen Latifah).
- New ukulele podcast: Ukulele Lately.

New Releases
- Gaspar Pozzi – El Amor Existe (a gorgeous record that would have been one of my records of the year if I’d heard it in time).
- Christmas Is Where You Are by The Jive Aces

- Country Nerd Scout
- Caravaning ukulele
- Una Fleming plays a giant ukulele (Thanks to Karl).

- Ukulele round on University Challenge at about 15:20 (UK only I think).
- Also on the Beeb Helen Arney sings about astronomy as for the next Stargazing Live.
- Orangutan plucks and smashes a ukulele
- Looking forward to this technology coming to ukuleles.
- The Seattle Castaways help light up Seattle’s Christmas tree. New record from them soon.

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  1. Ron Hale December 21st, 2013 3:11 am

    Another project is Zahra’s new one-minute weekly tutorials, this week being week one. Fans might like this series, Al.

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