Video of the Year 2013: Nominations

Last year was another golden year for ukulele music. And it’s time again to spread the love for your favourites in this year’s vote.

For the first stage, everyone gets to nominate up to 5 videos – leave them in the comments (click here for the comments section if you reading by email or RSS). From those nominations, I’ll cobble together a list of ten (ish) that will be voted on in the next round. Use whatever criteria you like. I went with whichever videos/songs I enjoyed most.

The Rules

The rules remain as ramshackle as ever:

– There has to be a ukulele in there.
– Videos must have been originally uploaded in 2013.
– Videos must be publicly available online.
– Maximum of five nominations per person.
– Post your nominations in the comments (I might edit comments to make things easier to add up).
– Nominations close midnight Friday 7th February.
– The 5 – 10 acts with the most nominations go into the final vote with their most nominated song going forward.
– No prize. Just the love and admiration of the heaving masses.
– No sucking up by nominating me.

Don’t panic if your comments don’t show up right away. First time commenters and comments contains a few links can get held back for spam checking. Also, comments were acting a bit wonky. If you submit it and the page just spins then your comment will have been submitted.

My Nominations

It was a nightmare getting my list down to five.

Sarah Humphreys – Why Don’t We Just Stay Home
Cammy Enaharo – Feeling Sorry
Dingus Khan – Knifey Spooney
Janelle Monáe – Dance Apocalyptic
Elof & Wamberg – Øresundreel

Some Other Contenders

To jog your memory here are some other videos that caused a stir in the comments, on the web or in my pants.

Keston Cobblers’ Club – Beam
Ninebarrow – Birdsong
The Staves – Facing West
Twenty One Pilots – House of Gold
DeAnne Smith – Nerdy Love Song
Catey Shaw – Run, Run, Run
Peter Delaney – My Eyes Are Blessed
Me&Amelia – Relapse
Wilfried Welti – Tourdion
Sanford and Adrien Sala and Tesia Rhind – As the Living Do
Leftover Cuties – One Heart
Matt Kresling – My Apartments In Order
Brendan Maclean – Stupid
Tobias Elof – Kitchen Girl
James Hill and Elof & Wamberg – Uke Talk
Cody Simpson – Summertime of Our Lives
Lennon and Maisy – Happy Birthday Harry Song
Gail Sophicha – Kiyomi
Tom Milsom – Take Me Out
Peter and Paul Luongo – Crossroads
Rhonda Roberts – Sweet Tooth & Candyman
The Seattle Castaways – Freeze Frame
Robyn Zahra Lowzley – August Rush
Sarah Maisel – In a Sentimental Mood
Celisse Henderson – Well
Jay Chou – Ukulele
James Clem – Big River
Victoria Vox – The Heart
War Jacket – Water Wings
UkuleleTim – Fisher’s Hornpipe
Emma Blackery – My Thoughts on Google+
Jan Laurenz – Canzone per un amico
BoeckmannLudwig – Stringing The Blues
Ian Emmerson and Phil Doleman – 1 up Blues
Natalia Lafourcade – Aventurera
Matthew J Richards – Rubinstein’s Melody In F

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