Ukulele Video of the Year 2013: Vote

The nominations are i, they’ve been fed through a highly complex algorithm and a final list of candidates has been spat out. Now it’s time to vote for you favourite. If you’re reading by email or feed reader and can’t see the voting doodle click here to be taken to be taken to the blog.


– Voting closes at midnight at the end of 23rd February.
– You only get one vote.
– Even if you already know who you’re voting for check out the other videos.
– Use whatever criteria you want. I’ll be voting for the one I like the most. (Who wins isn’t as important as getting some exposure for excellent videos)

Voting Closed

Here are the results:

Sanford and Friends: 476 votes 41%
Jontom – Born to Run: 408 votes 35%
Walk off the Earth – Royals: 163 votes 14%
Elof & Wamberg – Øresundreel: 37 votes 3%
Little Miss Higgins – Early Morning Thief: 28 votes 2%
James Clem – Big River: 27 2%
Sarah Humphreys – Why Don’t We Just Stay Home: 15 votes 1%
Dingus Khan – Knifey Spooney: 8 votes 1%
Moselele – Do They Know It’s Christmas: 3 votes 0%

The Contenders

Watch the playlist

Sanford and Adrien Sala and Tesia Rhind – As the Living Do
Elof & Wamberg – Øresundreel
Little Miss Higgins – Early Morning Thief
Moselele – Do They Know It’s Christmas
Walk off the Earth – Royals
Jontom – Born to Run
Sarah Humphreys – Why Don’t We Just Stay Home
James Clem – Big River
Dingus Khan – Knifey Spooney

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