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I’ve started on the 2014 Ukulele Spotify Playlist. It’s short at the moment so if you want more here’s the 2013 list.


Ukes and Music to Pasajquim – a project to provide ukuleles for a remote Mayan community in Guatemala.

Wallet Looseners

Caravan Gogh’s The 3 Faces of Steve featuring the ukulele stylings of Jim D’Ville
Sounds from the Empty City by David Megarrity who you may recognise as half of Tyrone and Lesley. But this record is very different. It’s an atmospheric, instrumental album and it’s gorgeous.
Ukulele Hangers made with parachute chord.
– Ewan Wardrop (he of In Da Club Formby parody is touring the UK with his Formby show


Belgian Groen party’s ukulele campaign – I think the implication is that the ukulele boom is down to climate change (thanks to Herman VDC).
Ukulele couples


Craig Robertson has added more of his songbooks.


Gary Oldman playing ukulele (Thanks to Ron Hale).
Ukulele acrobatics.
– Ukulelist and Olympic luger and dancer has been up to mischief in Sochi.

“Ukulele Orchestra play no thrills theatre show” – I think it’s supposed to be a compliment.

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