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Anatomy Custom Painted Ukulele
Mysterious Banjo-Uke Mister (c.1930)


Bosko & Honey’s New Album

New Releases

Ninebarrow – While the Blackthorn Burns.
– Do you remember that session Emily Scott did for the Uke Hunt podcast? She has a new album out Stray Light. It doesn’t have any uke on but despite that obvious deficiency it’s incredible.


– Trailer for the documentary Under the Boardwalk: A Ukulele Love Story.


The Tale of Alan and His Rather Short Arms.
Chocolate Ukulele Ice Cream Treat.
– How many times have you wished you had a ukulele-playing wookiee on your crotch? Wish no longer.

The best thing about using creative commons licenses is seeing other people build on work I’ve done. The new web/iOS goal tracking app JUTSU has used my So You Just Got Your First Ukulele mini ebook (PDF link) to create this list of actions to start playing ukulele.

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Things Ken learnt from 50 years of playing ukulele.

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