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Pineapple Shakes by Monika Cefis
12 Songs by Sage Harrington


– Ukulele Bartt has made his Ukulele Workshop Booklet available for free.
Tablature is not cheating.


1920’s Gibson ukulele owned by Bob Dylan.
– There are a heap of Lanikai’s with factory defects on eBay. Most with modest discounts that mean they’re still more expensive than Amazon. But there are some with more damage and a larger discount on them.
– A string of handsome banjoleles from Jake Wildwood’s shop: c.1925 Stromberg-Voisinet/Kay-made 8″ Rim Resonator Banjo Uke, c.1930 Slingerland-made/sold 7″ Banjo Ukulele, c.1920 Harmony-made Olympian “California Style” Banjo Ukulele.
Eko suitcase ukulele amp

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