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– Pre-order the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’s debut album. (Wait, debut album? … So it is).
Maybe by Sage Harrington.
UkePunk’s Punk Police The Album.
Wild Child’s The Runaround.


– Halloween chord book The Haunted Ukulele.
– You can find all my Halloween tabs and chords here. And in case you still can’t decide what to be.


The Blues And The Abstract Uke by The Paul Hemmings Uketet.


Ukulele photoshop contest.
Cat submits his ukulele record to Sony.

The ukulele orchestra feud continues with head UKUO man Peter Moss calling the UOGB “more of an amateur orchestra” and “a semi-professional outfit”. Which The Guardian followed up with, “Court papers show the UOGB turned over £4m over the past five years from a global concert schedule, which included shows at the Carnegie Hall in New York and Sydney Opera House”.

George Harrison’s sordid interest.

A luthier finds out if you can make a souvenir ukulele playable?

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