Sam Muir – Sounds Irish (Tab)

Sounds Irish Melody (Tab)

A guest tab from Sam Muir today. It’s her simple but effective arrangement of a tune from The Guitarist’s Way by Peter Nuttall and John Whitworth.

The tune works well as a solo piece but it’s a perfect piece for ukulele groups as it has parts for all abilities: simple chords for beginners, a picking part (below) for those starting on fingerpicking and the melody (above) for the show-offs.

Backing Tab/Chords

The picking part is just the chords played arpeggio (i.e. one note at a time). Played against the melody part it sounds far more intricate than the simplicity of the two parts suggests.

Baritone Version

Sounds Irish (Baritone Tab)

Baritone Backing

And here is a baritone version of both parts for the bariukers in the group. It’s in the same key as the standard tuning tab so they can be played together.


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