BBC Snooker Theme (Tab)

Doug Wood Band – Drag Racer (BBC Snooker Theme) (Tab)

With the pub rock of Drag Racer and Winifred Atwell’s version of Black and White Rag snooker has a claim to the sport with the best theme music. Or it did until the BBC started remixing all its theme tunes to replace anything recognisable with bleeps, bloops and swooshes. So now the snooker theme sounds like this.

Doug Wood must be spinning in his grave. If he’s dead. Or he’s alive but enjoys hanging out in his grave. There’s very little information about him on the net. I assume he’s the same person as Douglas Wood who made “spacey folk electro-horror” soundtracks like this and this at the same time.

The tune doesn’t fit all that neatly onto the uke. I did have to do a fair bit of octave shifting. The most obvious one being mid-lick at the start of bar 7.


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