Hall & Oates – Rich Girl (Chords)

Hall & Oates – Rich Girl (Chords)

Since Garfunkel and Oates just released a new album I thought it was high time I did a tune from Kate Micucci’s first band: Hall and Oates.

Unlike Micucci’s later work, the song has some tricky chord moves. The hardest part is the quick Gm7 – Am7 – Bmaj7 move in the verses. If you’re having trouble with that you can skip the Gm7 – Am7 bit and play the easier 3210 version of Bmaj7.

Suggested Strumming

You can use this strum through most of the song:

d – d – d u d u

Chorus: Main strum once per chord.

Verse: One strum each on the passing chords (Gm7 – Am7 and Bb – C). Then the main strum twice on everything else. Here’s how that sounds:

Last Chorus: There are some passing chords here too e.g. Dm – C on “won’t get you too far” and “You say”.

Not So Twiddly Bit

Rich Girl has a classic one note solo. You just slide up to the F and you’re done for notes. To play it I use the strum blocking method for the attack it gives. But you could also use a pick for this part.



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