Adele – Hello (Chords)

Adele – Hello (Chords)

Holy Cribbins! Now that’s a comeback song. I managed to see through the floods of tears long enough to write up some chords.

As well as being incredible, it’s sparse (in the first half at least) which makes it ideal for ukuleling. Strap on a capo at the first fret and the chords are dead easy. The only chord that isn’t entirely beginner friendly is Bm. If you haven’t got your barre chords down here’s an alternative chord you can use in this case.

Suggested Strumming

Because the song is so sparse you can do just one down strum per chord most of the way through (or even all the way through if you like). If you want something more full for the chorus try this:


Note that you’re changing chords slightly before the second half of the bar. Here’s how it sounds:

Chorus Strum


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