100 Years of Ukulele, Song Exploding: Friday Links

Gus Raucus (of GUGUG fame) has been sharing his spreading the uke love to the BBC with his fabulous video overview of 100 years of the ukulele along with Highs and Lows of the Ukulele and 5 Steps to Ukulele Fame.

An excellent edition of the Song Exploder podcast with Stephin Merritt discussing the making of one of my all time favourite ukulele songs Andrew in Drag. According to Stephin, “They don’t have ukuleles in Germany,” so all those ukulelist who claim to be from Germany are part a ukulele version of the Bielefeld conspiracy.

New Releases
Ukulele Duels by Kara Square. An album of duets between a ukulele and different instruments. It’s pay you like.
Names of Things and What They Do by Gentle Brontosaurus.

Rebel Alchemist tenor uke.
Baton Rouge adds to left-handed ukes.

An in depth account of the UOGB vs UKUO court case.

Neil Gaiman reacts to Amanda Palmer playing Enter Sandman. Video here if you want to make your own reaction. And tab for Enter Sandman here.

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