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Happy Birthday to You (Chords)

Happy Birthday (Chords in C) Copyright of Happy Birthday has been freed from the clutches of Warner/Chappell (who were incorrectly claiming ownership of the lyrics and making an estimated $2 million a year from people singing the words “Happy Birthday to you” a few times). There are a lot of ins, a lot of outs, […]

Happy Birthday to You (Tab)

Happy Birthday (Solo Tab) Since Happy Birthday is now free of dubious copyright claims, it’s time to do a few new arrangements of the tunes. In this post I’ve written up two beginner-level tabs. They’re a great place to start if you’re new to single note playing. All you need to know is how to […]

Lou Barlow, Abigail York: UkeTube

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Top 10 Ukes: Friday Links

Lots of people have been rating their ukuleles in the review section of the site over the last couple of weeks. You can see the ten highest rated ukuleles here. The early leader is KoAloha closely followed by Kamaka and Kala (people really love ukes that begin with K it seems). If you think your […]

Gwent Flute Song from Witcher 3 (Tab)

Mikolai Stroinski – Gwent Flute Song (Tab) I haven’t played any of the Witcher games myself (not my sort of thing) but I checked out the soundtrack after getting a tab and it’s very much my sort of thing. I immediately picked up on Gwent Flute Song as being a good candidate for a ukuleling. […]

The Big Ukulele Chord Quiz

Time to test your chord knowledge and musical ear. It’s pretty low tech: – Grab a pen and paper. – Answer the questions (using a ukulele to help you is entirely allowed and encouraged). – There might be spoilers in the comments. – Check the answers here (no peeking). – Return in triumph or despair […]

Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You (Chords)

Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You (Chords) Who did Lana Del Rey piss off to lose out on the Bond theme? She’s been auditioning for it constantly for years and the theme to Spectre (the first Bond film named after a ukulele since Diamonds are Favilla) goes to a guy who sounds like an […]

Ledward Kaapana, The pUKEs: UkeTube

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Friday Links

Video – Pete Howlett talks to the BBC about uke making and his diagnosis with Parkinson’s. – Another outstanding episode of Matt Kresling’s The Madagascar Journals. This time he’s made it to Madagascar and runs across a few players of the kabosy aka “the Malagasy ukulele”. – Nat King Cole does a terrible job pretending […]

David Beckingham – Tiptoe Through the Tulips (Tab)

David Beckingham – Tiptoe Through the Tulips (Tab) Another tab by the always excellent David Beckingham. This time he’s rescuing Al Dubin and Joe Burke’s Tiptoe Through the Tulips from Tiny Timothy and restoring it to its former glory. Links Buy the Tiny Tim version on iTunes Buy the Annette Hanshaw version David Beckingham on […]

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