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Back to the Future Medley (Tab)

Back to the Future Medley (Tab) I don’t like to break with regular scheduled posting, but I had to take today to flick on the klystron HV, turn the variable autotransformer up 130 and blast this one out. Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri): Alan Silvestri wrote the score to all the BttF movies but […]

Beth Porter, Taimane: UkeTube

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Uke Hunt T-Shirts Last Chance, New Jake Album: Friday Links

Last chance to buy a Uke Hunt t-shirt for at least a year. Ordering ends on Sunday. You can buy from the US or from the UK. And find out more here. New Releases – Jake Shimabukuro has a new album out: Travels. Most tracks featuring a full band. – The Uke Hunt Ukulele 2015 […]

Herman Vandecauter – Die Forelle by Schubert (Tab)

Franz Schubert – Die Forelle (Tab) Herman Vandecauter was kind enough to send me tab for his version of Franz Schubert’s Die Forelle (The Trout). It’s a great distillation of the tune and he’s made it work exceptionally well on uke. I liked it so much I did my own recording of his version. In […]

Five Most Iconic Strumming Patterns

My usual advice about strumming patterns is to not worry too much about it and try a few to see what suits you. But some songs have strumming patterns so perfect they become its central feature. The good news is that you can’t copyright a strumming pattern (if you could Metallica would have done it […]

Hall & Oates – Rich Girl (Chords)

Hall & Oates – Rich Girl (Chords) Since Garfunkel and Oates just released a new album I thought it was high time I did a tune from Kate Micucci’s first band: Hall and Oates. Unlike Micucci’s later work, the song has some tricky chord moves. The hardest part is the quick Gm7 – Am7 – […]

Andy Eastwood, Eska: UkeTube

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Friday Links

This year’s Uke Hunt t-shirt sale has already hit the minimum order level. So they’ll now definitely be printed once the pre-order period has finished on 18th October. You can buy from the US or from the UK. Videos – Ukulele Friend’s Luthier Insights series Eric DeVine, Aaron Oya and Gareth Yahiku from Ana’ole. – […]

Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five (Tab)

Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five (Tab) The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Take Five (written by the group’s saxophonist Paul Desmond) is an absolute instrumental classic. That’s why I started working on it in the early days of Uke Hunt (the 27th February 2008 according to the date on the file). Since then it’s been occasionally […]

Uke Hunt T-Shirts

It’s Uke Hunt t-shirt season again! I’ve had a few requests for another run of the shirts. Excellent news this year: Teespring dispatches from the UK now as well as the US. So shipping is way lower for people in the UK and the rest of the EU now. (Just make sure you order from […]

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