$300,000 Ukulele: Friday Links

– Madonna’s ukulele sold for $300,000 at an auction for Haiti. They could have saved themselves $299,700 and bought it on Amazon.
Zombie Ukulele.

– A selection of classical ukulele tab books for solo and ensemble ukulele. You can buy them in physical form or get the PDF version on a pay-what-you-want basis.
– Apple has released a free iOS app Music Memos. It’s a nice app for making a quick recording of any musical ideas you have. As well as being able to do some basic editing, add notes and the option to automatically add (slightly cheesy) bass and drums, it’ll attempt to work out the chords you’re playing. In my experience it does a reasonable job with major and minor ukulele chords but it does have a bit of trouble with 7 chords.

New Releases
Matt Griffo – My Brother’s Friend Jerome.
– Danielle Ate the Sandwich wrote, recorded and produced an album in 24 hours.
Tiki Cowboys – Island Dreams.

Helen Arney extends Tom Lehrer’s chemical element song with the new elements.
Full show of some great musicians playing timples, ukuleles, cavaquinhos and other uke-adjacent instruments (via @HermanVDC).
I Rettiloni.
Squeeze do a bit of lyric changing to heckle David Cameron on The Andrew Marr Show. He must be getting used to ukulele heckling by now.

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