The Prettiots – 18 Wheeler (Chords)

The Prettiots – 18 Wheeler (Chords)

Too-cool-for-school New York uke duo*, The Prettiots are current on their first world tour. Their UK dates covered the three main hubs: London, Edinburgh and Hebden Bridge.

18 Wheeler is played on a low-G uke. The chords will work perfectly well on a high-G. The picking does still work but doesn’t sound quite the same. You might try a few different picking patterns with the same chord shapes to see which you like most.

* Rachel Trachtenburg seems to have left the band.

Suggested Strumming

You can keep the strumming very simple like she does in the live version and just do downstrums per chord. In the version on the record she switches it up to a more complex strum. If you want to do the same you could go with this for each chord:

d – d – d u d u

Chorus: Eight down strums per chord (twice as fast as the downstrums in the verse).

Twiddley Bits


Here’s the picked intro that continues in the first verse. It uses the same chord shapes as the rest of the song but you’re picking the G-string with your thumb then simultaneously picking the E- and A-strings with your index and middle fingers respectively.


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