Friday Links

Ukulele Go! has a tool to help you find chords that go well together.

I’ve kicked off the Ukulele 2016 Spotify playlist. Not much there at the moment but it’ll fill up over the year. You can also find a full list of my ukulele playlists here.

Ukulele favourites, Bosko and Honey entered Australia’s Got Talent and confused everyone. They’ve made it to the last round.

New release from Gwyn Edwards: Archetypes.


– 16th century violin maker, Gasparo Duiffopruggar with a magnificent beard and a collection of his instruments including a forerunner of the ukulele (via @hermanvdc)
Meredith Coloma Canucks tenor.
The Motorcycle Band
Percy and Ferdie.
Lakeside Park.
Corgi balancing.

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