PWR BTTM – I Wanna Boi (Chords)

PWR BTTM – I Wanna Boi (Chords)

It’s so good to have a rock band around that are fun and look like they’re having a good time.

The chords for this one are dead simple. The only slightly tricky bit is the chromatic move down from C to A (which is going to remind of that bit in that Fratellis song forever more). If you want to simplify that bit you can play a standard C chord then just play single notes on the second then first frets of the A-string (in place of the B and Bb chords respectively) then play an A chord.

Suggested Strumming

You can start off with just one down-strum per chord in the first verse. Then use this as the main strum:

d – d – d u d u

You can use that for everything but the C-B-Bb-A move where you can do one down-strum per chord.

Twiddly Bits

A video posted by @ukulelehunt on

Here’s a ukulele version of the song’s solo:



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