Trumpton Theme (Tab)

Freddie Phillips – Trumpton Theme (Tab)

Like most Brits my age, Radiohead’s Burn the Witch gave me warm nostalgia for Trumpton and Camberwick Green. Although the Trumpton people are pissed off that it, “tarnished the brand”.

The Trumpton theme is ripe for a ukeing. The tune has an acoustic guitar backing with a high melody. I’ve mushed those two elements together but if, unlike me, you have a friend you can tease them apart and play them on separate instruments.

Easy Version

Here’s the tab for just the melody:

Trumpton Lead Tab

And the back I’ve tabbed for low-G ukulele. But it will also work for high-g without any changes.

Trumpton Backing Tab (Low-G)

This is how they sound together:

Easy Version

And here’s a backing track if you’d like to play along with it:

Backing Track


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