Friday Links: New Books, Records and Ukes

New Releases

The Ukulele 2017 Spotify playlist is up and running with early contributions from Keston Cobblers Club, The Bookshop Band, Ukulele Sunnyboy and plenty more. Plus plenty of other Spotify playlists here.

Manitoba Hal double album Live in Ghent.
Craig Robertson’s Jungle Logic.
– Brit Rodriguez’s The Little Song.


– Chinese phone manufacturer, Xiaomi have unexpectedly dipped into the ukulele market with a, “smart ukulele,” the Populele. Which hooks up to your phone via bluetooth and lights up the fretboard to help you learn. Al for the suspiciously low price of $58.
Lichty’s “Django” Archtop Ukulele.


– New (and slightly awkwardly titled) book from Jake: Jake Shimabukuro Teaches Ukulele Lessons. And he has a video on using effects pedals with your ukulele.

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