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Friday Links

Videos – Mandy Harvey: singer and ukulelist who has been deaf since 18. – Taimane has tips for travelling with your ukulele. – Manitoba Hal on spicing up your blues. – Hawaii Music Supply visits the Pono factory. Ukes – Some fancy fret marker inlay from Ko’olau: shark fin style and wifi style. – Hive […]

Tune-Yards: 7 Second Ukulele Lessons

My baritone needed restringing the other day so I took the opportunity to tune it Tune-Yards style and write up a few of her riffs. She uses dGBE. Which is baritone tuning with a high-d string. Aquila do make a set of high-d strings but I just moved my old E-string and tuned it to […]

Chuck Berry’s Major and Minor Pentatonic Trick

Chuck Berry’s intro to Johnny B Goode has to be the most famous piece of guitar playing in the universe. Not only did he influence an entire generation of rock and roll guitarists, you can hear elements of his playing in all the great rock guitarists since. The lick combines major and minor elements to […]

Rebecca Sugar – What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)? (Chords and Tab)

What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)? (Chords) The trend of increasingly complex Steven Universe songs continues with What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?. If it gets more complicated than this one I’m going to assume she’s doing it to troll me personally. As she often does, Sugar posted her ukulele demo on Tumblr and it’s […]

Flea Bitten Dawgs, The O’Pears: UkeTube

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Friday Links: New Ukes, Humidity and Pasties

The Ukulele Site has an extensive post on ukuleles and humidity. Ukulele rapper has a pasty named after him. Ukes – Lichty document making a steel-string baritone for Richie Williams of the UOGB. – Newfangled uke by Murray Kuun. – G-string Custom Sun Inlay. – Hive ukulele and amp. Images – Playing ukulele for the […]

Beach Boys – Sloop John B (Tab)

Sloop John B (Tab) Edit: Dangit! I published this a day early Following on from Good Vibrations, another Pet Sound with bass from Lyle Ritz. Sloop John B is a traditional Bahamian song. The earliest version was recorded in Nassau in 1935 under the title Histe Up the John B Sails. There are many lyrical […]

Irish Ukulele Tabs and Chords

It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Friday. Plenty of time to work up a Irish tune or two. If you want to go all out there’s also Jonathan Lewis’s ebook Irish Tunes for Campanella Ukulele that has 35 fantastic, challenging arrangements of Irish tunes. Chords The Cranberries – Linger (Chords) The Dubliners and The Pogues – […]

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (Chords)

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (Chords) Very sad news last week that Lyle Ritz died at the age of 87. Ritz was a pioneer of jazz ukulele in the 50s, a member of the Ukulele Hall of Fame and, perhaps most famously, played the ukulele part for Tonight You Belong to Me in The Jerk. […]

UkeTube: Zoe Bestel, Krasnogorsk

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