alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Tab)

alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Tab)

There’s a new alt-J album out. And very good it is too. To celebrate here’s a tab of my favourite alt-J song Fitzpleasure.

There’s a lot going on in this song (as with most alt-J songs). At first I thought I’d have to use multiple ukes to do it. But the melody, chords and riffs are all so strong and elegant they ended up working pretty well on just one uke. The only major part I had to cut was in the, “steepled fingers…” section. The descending riff in bars 59 and 60 should carry though there but I had to switch to chords to carry it off.

I use a capo on the second fret for my version. But that’s only because it makes it in the original key so it was easy for working it out. You can play it without the capo without causing any problems.


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  1. Josh June 12th, 2017 2:41 am


    I don’t see many people requesting songs on here, is that because you want to play what you want without being bothered by screeching fans? I hope you won’t mind if I ask for one, hope I’m not breaking the house rules.

    I was hoping you’d take a look at Prodigal Son off Beggar’s Banquet, can’t find any tabs online or vids on youtube – which may mean it’s unsuitable for the uke. You can strum along to it with E, Dbm and A bu the little riffs and walk ups are why I love it.

    Anyway, no worries if not, thanks again for everything you do

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