Radiohead – Lift (Chords)

Radiohead – Lift (1996 Version) (Chords)

It’s the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer and they’re releasing an expanded version with outtakes including long-time fan favourite Lift. I had to write it up in anticipation. The chords are based on the incredible 1996 version rather than the dreary, and not in a good way, 2002 version.

Weirdly, between starting on this song and posting it I got stuck in a lift. I didn’t have an existential crisis but I did find out that button that’s supposed to call for help does nothing. Which is a metaphor of its own.

The song is in the key of B so I’ve made it more uke-friendly by putting a capo on the second fret.

Suggested Strumming

I like to use this as the main strum:

Intro: Main strum four times.

Verse: Main strum three times on A, twice on A7, once on F#m. On the D play the main strum once first time around and twice second time around in each verse.

Which goes like this:

Verse Strum

Chorus: There’s a bar of 2/4 in the chorus which makes the strum pattern a little tricky.

Play the main strum three times on A. Then the 2/4 which I play d – d – d u d u. After that it’s the same as the verse except the D is always played only once.

Which sounds like this:

Chorus Strum

Twiddly Bits

Here’s a tab of the little riff that pops up in the verses starting on the A7 chord. It’s tabbed without the capo.



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