The Cure – Lovecats (Chords and Tab)

The Cure – Lovecats (Chords)

The original plan was to post a love song ahead of Valentine’s Day. But it turns out every love song ever written is a steaming pile of garbage. So instead I went with a great song that happens to have love in the title.

There’s a surprising amount going on in this song. As well as one of the all-time great bass riffs and piano riffs, there’s a lot going on with the chords. Those piano nerds love throwing in extra notes to show off. I’ve written up two slightly different versions of the chord shapes. The one above is the more straightforward of the two.

The Cure – Lovecats (Alternative Chords)

And this one has chord changes that move up and down the neck more. They also include chords where the g-string is muted (I do that by reaching my thumb around and resting it on the g-string).

You can, of course, mix and match the chord shapes between the two versions to your taste.

Suggested Strumming

If you can, keep the chords short so they’re just quick chord stabs. If you’re using the easier chords that means muting the strings just after you’ve played them. If you’re using the other set of chords you can just release the pressure on with your fretting hand right after you strum.

Intro: For both Am and F you play this:

d – d – d – d –
d – d – d u – –

But on the F you switch to F6 on that final up-strum.

Here it is first with the alternate chords then with the more straightforward chords.

Intro Strum

Verses: Use the same strum but play the first chord of the line (Am or F) for the first four down-strums. Then switch to the second (Asus4, Am7 or F6) for the rest of the strum.

Verse Strum

Chorus: For each line strum the first chord (C or Dm7) strum this:

d u d – d – d –

And the second chord (C9 or Dm9):

d – d – d u – –

Chorus Strum

Twiddly Bits

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Bass riffs are always a bit ridiculous on the uke. But that just makes it more fun to play.

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The piano riff, on the other hand, works very well.


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