Friday Links: Peter Moon, What Type of Ukulele Player are You?

Ukulelist and Hawaiian Music Hall of Famer Peter Moon has died. I highly recommend checking out his playing on Pua Lilia with his band The Sunday Manoa.

What type of ukulele player are you?
Melania Trump ukes a lament on Colbert.
– Rob Bourassa talks to luthier Gary Zimnicki about his Martin 5K style baritone ukulele.

One of only six ukuleles made by KoAloha in 2002.
1920s hipster and his uke (via Jake Wildwood).
Custom Martin Tree of Life.
Custom Martin “blister koa”.
Santa Cruz Guitar Company UK-3.

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  1. Ron Hale March 19th, 2018 10:33 pm

    Last year, Al, Moon’s Sunday Manoa bandmate, Roland Cazimero, died so now Roland’s brother, Robert, is the surviving band member. Saw the Brothers Cazimero perform many times in Waikiki over the years.

    Wannabe ukulele-playing hipster here. Got
    the beard, but alas, am no longer up to growing
    the man bun. Got the flannel, but not into
    PBR. Or, PBJ for that matter. BLT, yes.

    What type?

    The type who still does not know why it’s called a “concert” ukulele. The type who does not know why uke fretboards have to be flat.

    The type who will never ever smell his instrument. Or, act like it’s a drum.

    Either forgot or never knew Santa Cruz made ukes.
    They make the sweet acoustic guitar Eric Skye plays and endorses. I believe he’s a Mya-Moe uke guy though.

    Jake’s hipster reminds me of a young George Burns.

    A quick non-uke obit for fans who may not be
    aware that Patrick Doyle, who drummed for
    Veronica Falls, passed away early this month.

  2. Woodshed March 26th, 2018 10:24 pm

    Ron: My hipster days are long behind me!

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