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Imagine Dragons – Thunder (Tab)

Imagine Dragons – Thunder (Tab) Thunder has many elements that make it great for a uke adaption: a strong melody, Simple chords in the key of C and some fun solo parts. But it also has that damn squeaky-voice section. That section was the hardest to get right and I’m still not sure it entirely […]

Weezer Cover Album Riffs

Last week Weezer surprise-launched the Teal Album comprised entirely of cover songs. The record itself is a bit hit-and-miss but the song choice is top-notch. So I decided to write up riffs (and one solo) from every track on the album. The Weezer versions stick very close to the originals (so much so you could […]

Rebecca Sugar – Escapism (Steven Universe)(Chords and Tab)

Rebecca Sugar – Escapism (Picking Tab) The fifth season of Steven Universe has just wrapped up with a couple more ukulele tunes prime for a tabbing. Starting with the title song from the penultimate episode. I’ve written up the ukulele version she performed a while back. It features all your favourite Sugarisms: a pile of […]