Rebecca Sugar – Escapism (Steven Universe)(Chords and Tab)

Rebecca Sugar – Escapism (Picking Tab)

The fifth season of Steven Universe has just wrapped up with a couple more ukulele tunes prime for a tabbing. Starting with the title song from the penultimate episode.

I’ve written up the ukulele version they performed a while back. It features all your favourite Sugarisms: a pile of maj7 chords, 3/4 time signature and a bit of tasty fingerpicking.

After that quick picking in the intro, the rest is very straightforward. Making it a good place for beginners to start. I’m using thumb and two finger picking all the way through. But after the intro the thumb doesn’t need to move away from the C-string.

Rebecca Sugar – Escapism (Chords)

If you don’t want to tackle the picking, here are the chords. They do jump up the neck a few times so take note of the starting fret at the top right of the chord boxes.

Suggested Strumming

You can keep the strumming very simple and just play down-strums all the way through.

Intro: Two on the Cmaj7, two on the C6 and three on the Fmaj7.

Verse: Three down-strums for everything until the last Fmaj7 where you play two lots of three.

Chorus: One set of three down-strums for everything except the Fmaj7 on the second and fourth lines (four sets of three for those) and the Fmaj7 on the last line (two sets of three) and ending on one downstrum on the Fdim7.


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