Friday Links

A History of Gotoh tuners (thanks to @HermanVDC).

Following on from my list of most used ukulele chords in my posts, Uke Stuff have their graph of chord frequency.

New Releases
Craig Robertson’s Stage and Circus Songs. A fantastic collection of songs from the last 16 years about various forms of entertainers including the absolutely essential The Hypnotist and Houdini Never Hung Around in Bars.
Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer’s Dandinista continues the chap-hop in a political climate that has made the joke wear very thin.

Window Shopping
– Southern Ukulele Store lose their minds over Bird on a Wire ukuleles.
Kiwaya 5K.
Journey Instruments J-uke.
Paul Stanley style Ibanez Iceman.
KLOS guitar’s carbon fiber ukulele has passed its Kickstarter goal.

– I’m going to be away from home and ukeless for a month. Posts should be going up as usual but if they aren’t then that’s why.
– You may or may not have noticed there was no Friday Links post last time around. From now on I’m just going to be posting them when there’s enough interesting stuff to post about.

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