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Dr John – Such a Night (Chords and Tab)

Dr John – Such a Night (Chords and Tab)

Dr John – Such a Night (Chords)

Even by the standards of 1968, Dr John’s debut album Gris Gris is a trip into the strange and unnerving. With I Walk on Guilded Splinters being a masterpiece. But I’ve gone with something more uke-suitable to celebrate his life: Such a Night (not to be confused – as Wikipedia does – with the Drifters/Elvis song of the same name.

Suggested Strumming

You can keep the strumming very simple. Either follow the guitar part and do down-strums on the off-beats. Or the organ and do down-strums on every beat. But I like to add a little variety and use this two bar pattern in the verse and chorus:

d – d – d – d –
d – d – d u d u

And then use two down-strums per chord in the middle until the little walk-up at the end where it’s one strum per chord.

Twiddly Bits

This tab combines the chords with the short organ riff at the end of the lines.


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